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About us

About Us

How Romantic Store

Do you struggle every year to find the perfect gift that measures up to your high standards to give to a loved one?  Don't panic, I am here for you.  I have used all my connections to put together a collection of products that are top of the line, top quality pieces for that special person in your life.  Great for Christmas gifts, promise rings, or important milestones, I have done the work so you don't need to worry about whether she will cherish it, you already know she will.  I am focusing on high-quality gold and gemstones, something every girl loves.  

High-quality Gold, Silver, and Quality Gemstones have true value and I want you to have a quality piece for a realistic price, so I have negotiated the lowest prices possible from my suppliers and am passing the savings on to you.

Show how much you value your loved ones and create new memories this Holiday Season or spoil yourself with a gift from Santa from How Romantic's Jewelry Collection. 

How Romantic Network

I started How Romantic to spread love and joy in the world, lifting others' moods, for free, using social media as the vehicle (http://bit.ly/howromantic9), and a shop to fund the content. I couldn't stand all the negativity and poverty in the world. I felt that if no one did anything, nothing would change, so I began with a social medal site and went from there.


 After coming into contact with several African families from my social media activities, I discovered the absolute heartache these families are experiencing. I immediately turned my focus to raising money for these families and directly helping them (not going through an NGO, who take a large part of the payment for administration fees)

The next stage was to create a blog to share ideas coming into Christmas for gifts, health, beauty, and to educate the public about the plight of my African friends (https://www.howromos.com/). This also acts as a promotion for howrom.com, where a share of the profits is distributed directly between several African families.

The aim of the site will always be to raise money for African homeless families in need. We are still motivated and working hard towards this, and to that end, I have started this store. I have been in direct contact with these families for at least a year and am well versed in their current needs. We are raising money to go towards Housing, Medical Treatments, Food, and Education. Some of the families have no parents, and the oldest sibling ( youngest being 20 years old) is left to care and protect the younger children. If you cannot purchase today, please consider donating to http://bit.ly/HelpModouwith. The cost of a cup of coffee can make a huge difference. Come on in and have a look around to see what is your favorite piece. Don't forget to make a purchase today to help those in need at this special time of the year.  If you have any questions please go to our contact us page or use our Whatsapp number +61438872865 for a more personal approach.


 "Goodbye everyone.  Thank you for your time."